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Photos: How the Red Cross Movement is Working Together on Haiyan

When a disaster hits a community in the United States, the American Red Cross responds by providing food, water, shelter and relief supplies. The same occurs in other countries during typical disasters. However, when large-scale events occur, such as in the Philippines, the Global Red Cross network kicks into action to provide relief.

m24677258_86718_How_the_RC_Network_Works_Slideshow_FINAL1 m24677241_86718_How_the_RC_Network_Works_Slideshow_FINAL2m24677208_86718_How_the_RC_Network_Works_Slideshow_FINAL3m24677191_86718_How_the_RC_Network_Works_Slideshow_FINAL4m24677174_86718_How_the_RC_Network_Works_Slideshow_FINAL5 m24677140_86718_How_the_RC_Network_Works_Slideshow_FINAL7 m24677157_86718_How_the_RC_Network_Works_Slideshow_FINAL6 m24677107_86718_How_the_RC_Network_Works_Slideshow_FINAL8


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This entry was posted on November 20, 2013 by in Disaster Response, International.

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