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Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Today, December 7, is an important day in U.S. history. 71 years ago America suffered a devastating attack on one of its naval bases which would become known as the Attacks on Pearl Harbor.

On the morning of December 7, the Japanese led a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, a naval base in Hawaii. Within seconds the once calm naval base was destroyed. Naval ships became distraught including 8 battle ships and an air craft carrier. What was the most devastating, however, was the 2,000 and more lives lost and the 1,000 plus wounded. Lives were destroyed in a matter of seconds, Americans became fearful, and the U.S. entered what would become World War II. Let us take this day to remember those who fought to protect our country and gave their lives to protect our freedom.

However, all was not despaired. The American Red Cross, like it had done before, came to aid those affected. Nurses were dispatched, families were assisted so they were able to get in touch with loved ones, and support and comfort was given to those struck by the tragedy. The Red Cross makes it its mission to alleviate any suffering caused by anything from natural disasters to the effects of war and continues to do so today.

National and international injustice is one of the most devastating acts that the world continues to face. One of the strongest ways the Red Cross works to stop injustice nationally and internationally is through education. One example of such education is done by participating in The Red Cross WWIIInternational Humanitarian Law Class. The IHL Class is:
• A one day class
• Last about 4 hours
• Held at the Capital Area Chapter in an intimate group of 20 or less
• Instructs participants on what IHL is, the history behind IHL and why one should be involved in the subject

By learning about International Humanitarian Law, one can become a force to stopping international cruelties. If you are interested please contact the Capital Area Red Cross for more information on upcoming dates for the course. Finally, please remember to take a moment for all those effected by the devastating events at Pearl Harbor today.

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