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Exploring Humanitarian Law Educator Workshop

War is a lot more complicated than a video game. Students need the skills to understand when conflict intersects with the rights and protections of people–at home and abroad. Our Exploring Humanitarian Law Educator workshop gives teachers easy-to-use materials to help students understand the rules governing war and their impact on human life and dignity. This full day workshop for teathers will help you integrate EHL resources i…nto your lessons and earn Continuing Education Credits at the same time!

Benefits of the workshop:

* Have concrete plans on how to integrate Exploring Humanitarian Law into your current cirrcula.
* Learn about the array of primary source materials included in the EHL toolkit, including news accounts, testimonials, photos, videos, case studies and interactive projects that will bring real events to life for your students.
* Earn Continuing Education Credits!
* Network with other Educators using the EHL toolkit.
* Complimentary copy of the EHL Toolkit.
* Continued support from local Red Cross Chapter on EHL activities and updated resources
* The activities in the EHL tookit also align with Sunshine State Standards for Social Studies, Literature and many other subjects!
To register or for more information, email or visit


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