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Help the Capital Area Chapter Vaccinate a Villiage!

Every day, 450 people in this world die from measles–a disease that is entirely preventable with a vaccine that costs less than $1. 

We can change this

Our chapter has joined the Measles Initiative in an effort to vaccinate children  village after village  across the globe.  We will be posting videos, pictures, stories and statitics about measles and the American Red Cross effort to combat it.

Together, we can vaccinate entire villages of people. 

We are reaching out to the compassionate, global conscious people in the Capital Area with a goal to collect at least $500 to protect the lives of 500 children!!  Will you join us to vaccinate a village of children and help put an end to this fight?

Measles can be prevented.  When we donate, they vaccinate.  And we all save lives.

For the vulnerable children who still need to be protected against measles, please visit our team page and make a donation today!


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This entry was posted on February 18, 2011 by in American Red Cross-NHQ, International.

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