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The Spirit of Giving

Are you in the spirit of giving this holiday season? Do you have a list of gifts to purchase that you are checking off?

Every holiday I certainly feel the pressure of finding the perfect gift for those I care most about. Do I track down something rare and exotic? Do I grab a gift card, and if so- where at? What if they don’t like it? Should I just stick to giving money? A lot of questions, a lot of stress, with answers that test your skills in understanding others.

This video challenges one to think outside the box- to think different. There is a gift that is not only well received and has much demand for use, yet truly brings out your giving spirit as you show a stranger support. The gift of blood. Each donation of blood can save up to three lives, and for the recipients of that blood it is the perfect gift. A gift of life.

So remember as you are ‘cross’ing items off of your list this Holiday season, to not forget about the Red Cross. What better way to feel the spirit of giving?

…and they can take away some of that giving stress by helping you wrap the traditional gifts too!


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This entry was posted on December 18, 2010 by in Chapter Updates.

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