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Our Response to the Miami Herald Story

We have helped hundreds of thousands of earthquake survivors in Haiti with food, water, shelter and health programs, spending more than $111 million in just the first 100 days. That’s an average of more than $1 million per day – a very aggressive rate of spending. But we are also spending the money in a way that is making a real difference for the people of Haiti. The money generously donated by the American people is one of the major reasons that today most people in Haiti have access to food and water and most earthquake survivors have a tent or tarp over their heads and basic relief supplies.

The Miami Herald story was centered on the views of one person who claims there is no evidence of Red Cross efforts in Haiti because he personally did not see items with Red Cross logos.

However, Red Cross staff in Haiti talked with and met the Miami Herald reporter on this story over an extended period of time, and took her to the Red Cross main warehouse and to distributions of relief items to Haitians. We are disappointed that information and photos from these distributions were not included in a story that erroneously suggests that the Red Cross is not doing anything in Haiti.

Some would like the Red Cross to spend all of its money on relief as quickly as possible – what is called “dump and run aid” in the relief community. But we believe it is our responsibility to be in Haiti with short-term aid immediately after the disaster – and also with funding for long-term needs such as more permanent shelter, water and sanitation systems, and assistance with livelihood programs. We will be in Haiti until the last donated dollar is spent, and we’re working hard to ensure that we spend our donor dollars quickly and wisely in a way that will have a lasting impact for the people of Haiti.

Below are 4 videos our President and CEO Gail McGovern has recorded to address some of the questions received by the person who appears in the Miami Herald article. You can also view all videos our workers have recorded on the ground on our You Tube channel.

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