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What is the American Red Cross Safe and Well Website?

Safe and Well

The American Red Cross Safe and Well Website, accessible via, is an internet-based tool that families can integrate into their family communications plan and also one that the Red Cross will use to help disaster victims communicate from inside the disaster-affected areas to loved ones outside. People within a disaster area can register themselves as “safe and well” by selecting and posting standard messages for friends and family that indicate they are safe and well at a shelter, home or hotel, and will make contact when they are able. Concerned family members who know the person’s phone number (home, cell or work) or a complete home address can search for the messages posted by those who self-register.

The Safe and Well Website complies with all privacy and child protection laws. Because of these privacy concerns, no location information is publicly displayed on this website. The results of a successful search only display a loved one’s first name, last name, an as of date, and the Safe and Well messages they posted.

Here are some additional items to include in presentations to promote preparedness before disaster strikes:

Family Communications Plan

  • Prepare a list of multiple contacts, including family and friends, that are unlikely to be affected by the same disaster you are experiencing
  • Make sure that the list of contacts includes the contact’s phone numbers, email, and address
  • Develop several options for re-establishing communication during times of emergency (phone contact with a designated out-of-state friend, email distribution list for family members, use of the Safe and Well Website, etc.)
  • Initiate your plan ahead of forecasted event; contact family and loved ones if you move or evacuate before the disaster strikes.

For more information on how you and your family can develope a Family Disaster Plan, please visit or call our Chapter at (850) 878-6080.

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This entry was posted on June 23, 2009 by in Preparedness.

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